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Business clearance is a very challenging aspect of doing business in Dubai, especially for business startups with no experience in submitting and securing approval from the necessary government agencies. Document Clearance merely means obtaining the authorized documents required to start up a business. Documents vary from one company type to another, as it depends on the number of appointed employees, nationalities of employees, and many more documents. Our PRO services comprise a wide array of professional support services connecting with

government ministries and departments, enabling you to effortlessly meet your daily operational formalities, in addition to procuring the required licenses and permits for your business needs. We provide customized PRO services, with a dedicated function tailored to your specific business requirements, taking care of all government-related documentation clearance. Document clearance can be very challenging and confusing as there are constant fluctuations in the business laws and the currency. Therefore, having a company to help you with the process is the most productive way to reduce cost and time.

We are experts in business and company formation in UAE Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore locations.


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